Hello everyone, my name is Robert Wolff. Or at least that’s my pen name. In any case, welcome to my blog! Please excuse my awful blog style, as that’s not exactly my strong suit. Ranting Gamer will be a blog about all things video games. I’ll be making reviews, rants, and just general opinion pieces on games and similar products.


As I previously stated, my pen name is Robert Wolff. I am a 25 year-old Minnesotan native who recently moved down to South Carolina for a variety of reasons. I am an aspiring author with one book nearly completed and many more planned; I’m just waiting on an agent to accept me. I work for an SEO company creating blog topics, but I’d much rather be an author. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

The genres of games you’ll see the most on my blog include most AAA titles because I’m a pretty common gamer. I’m into FPSs, RTSs, RPGs, Sci-fi games, fantasy games, and the occasional horror game. I currently own a nice laptop, a VR headset, an ancient PS2, GameCube, Xbox 360, and an Xbox One, so you’ll see a bit of content in regarding those systems and platforms. By no means am I an expert at video games. You won’t ever see me on the circuit or playing in tournaments, but I’d say I’m better than your average gaming journalist by a wide margin. Who isn’t, right?

What Makes Me Unique?

I know what you’re thinking: What makes this guy think he’s unique? There are millions of blogs, reviewers, and so on already out there! Well, you’re right. To be 100% honest, I’m not unique. But what I can offer you is a unique opinion from an average gamer who has no major sponsor or video game dev bribing me to give them raving reviews. Any gamer will tell you that only reviews from customers really matter, not major review companies or organizations. Even then, you never know if the customer reviews are any good because they could just be review-bombing a game. In any case, I seek to offer the closest thing to unbiased opinions on gaming with no outside influences. At the very least, this will help give me more writing experience I can show on a resume. I’ll be brutally honest with my opinions while refraining from being too offensive or political while doing so. Yes, politics in video games is more common than you’d want.

What to Expect

What are you going to see on my blog? Well, I’ll be doing reviews on games I’ve played, ranging from recently to back in the good old days. These opinions will be just that: opinions. They’re not right or wrong, I don’t expect anyone to follow them like sheep, and I’ll try to keep them as unbiased as possible. My “rants” will have a broad subject matter and could be about anything video game-related that might pop up in my mind. It could be tips and tricks, could be lists, could be me talking about my frustrations. These posts might also end up under my “Misc.” category.

I will also try to reply to any questions I see and interact with everyone as best I can. Since I don’t expect this blog to explode, that shouldn’t be too hard. I may also listen to suggestions for future topics if they’re possible. You can expect at least one post a day throughout the week, and maybe a few on the weekend, depending on what I’m doing. You might see more or less depending on what’s happening in my life. As for the quality of the design of my blog… I make no promises for that. I’m a writer, not an artist or web designer.


In summary: This blog will be all about video games. Most of what I write will be opinions and should only make you consider something, not instruct you to think a certain way. I’ll do my absolute best to be active, responsive, and unbiased with my work, and I hope you enjoy what you read.

Published by Robert Wolff

Just a person looking to dive into the world of writing, blogging, and so on.

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