Favorite Call of Duty Weapons

My M13 from MW 2019

Due to the amount of work I’ve had to put in with my job, I’ve been struggling for free time to work on my blog here. Anyways, this will be a long list and review technically where I’ll talk about my top three favorite weapons in each Call of Duty I’ve played, from CoD 4 to Cold War.

CoD 4

Starting with CoD 4, which I could’ve sworn came out after World at War, my three favorite weapons consist of two assault rifles and one SMG—starting with my number one weapon, the M4. Accurate, decent damage, and good fire rate, the M4 was my first favorite gun in Call of Duty. I even preferred it over the M16 in the AR category. That also began a trend in my favorite guns that I’m sure you’ll notice as we go along.

Number two would have to be the G36. It was pretty much the M4 but German, with a slightly lower fire rate, and I felt it had marginally better accuracy. I enjoyed that weapon after the long grind it took to unlock it.

And finally, number three. This position goes to the legendary and sweaty MP5. With a fast fire rate, nimble handling, and great accuracy, this gun has been in several other CoDs and has been the bane of many gamers. Seeing one of these things meant the owner was trying really damn hard.

This list can be copied for Modern Warfare Remastered, too.

World at War

Next comes World at War. Number one would easily be the PPSH. That thing had an insane fire rate, great accuracy, and impressive handling. I loved how simple, and insane that weapon was, and getting one in zombies was a mini jackpot. It even sounded great when you were mowing down people left and right with it.

Second, comes the MG42. The ability to actually mount LMGs on the ground, in windows, and so on made Hitler’s Buzzsaw that much more enjoyable. You could make your own MG nest and hold down a flank for your team, or run around and hose people down with the rapid-fire rate. A great weapon for great fun.

Last comes the PTRS sniper rifle. Power, range, and the ability to blow off limbs like nothing make this one of my favorite guns in WaW. You couldn’t exactly do much but stay far in the back to snipe because quick-scoping with this wasn’t exactly easy to do, but it did its job brilliantly.


Now, on to MW2, one of my favorite CoDs ever. Here, the weapon selection and the challenge of picking favorites becomes greater. But one thing is certain; the ACR is king. Not the best in any field, but great overall, I used the ACR more than any other weapon by a landslide. I loved throwing on a suppressor and either an ACOG or Thermal on it and just going to town. Hell, I even bought the civilian variant of the ACR because I loved it so much. Sounds stupid, I know, but I’ve yet to regret my choice.

Second place goes to the broken M16. That thing was destructive against enemies with its rapid 3-round burst that cut down people like nothing. The great accuracy helped too, and you could counter-snipe with an M16 in a pinch. I’d even say it was the best M16 in any CoD. Alas, it too was a try-hard weapon. And then comes my favorite sniper in MW2. No, not the Intervention. The M21 EBR. While weaker than the other snipers, this thing would be just as deadly in my hands. I could reliably shoot the semi-auto sniper twice with enough accuracy and speed that it would beat most other snipers. I think that was my favorite sniper overall in any CoD too.

Black Ops

Moving on to Black Ops. Number one goes to the Commando. This weapon is good all-around, like a jack-of-all-trades type of weapon. Good accuracy, damage, fire rate, and range, it fills any role pretty well for an AR, with the exception of a sniper or rocket launcher, that is.

A very close second goes to the Famas. With a much faster fire rate, impressive accuracy, and roughly equal damage, the Famas really could be considered the better weapon. But it just lacks the soul and looks of the Commando. Plus, it was one of those try-hard weapons too. Still, a very nice weapon all-around.

And third is the MPL. Not an easy choice by any means, and there were quite a few other weapons in the running. But the accuracy, fire rate, and handling of the MPL was just so much fun to wield. I loved it only slightly more than the AK74U. Obviously, the MPL fell short at range, but it could drop someone in a second up close.


With MW3, there are a few similarities between it and MW2, and for a good reason. With the return of the ACR, now in 6.8mm, it takes back the top position on my list. Just as all-around great as it was in MW2, I once again fell in love with this gun and used it way too much. Though this time around, I preferred leaving the iron sights be.

Also making a return, the Mk. 14. This being the sibling of the M21 EBR in the AR category, I didn’t have to have a scope mounted on it at all times. Getting 2-3 shot kills with great accuracy and a solid fire rate (thanks trigger finger), I loved this gun.

And then comes my guilty pleasure—the MP7. Yeah, I know. How could I? We all have nightmares about that thing and the Type 95. In my defense, I only used it as a last resort weapon if the enemy team were being asses. So I got a fair amount of use out of the sniper rifle in the SMG category. Unbelievably accurate, rapid-fire, and great handling made it a nightmare for all of us.

Black Ops II

To Black Ops II next. Starting off again with my favorite, we have the M8A1, a kind of try-hard weapon. In burst mode, this thing spat out four rounds in the blink of an eye. I also used it full-auto, which made it less sweaty and more challenging to use well. I loved it no matter what mode I had it on—accurate, fast, and great range for an AR. I loved my M8, even in zombies.

Then comes the Scorpion Evo. An extremely fast SMG with impressive accuracy and low damage, but the fact that you could empty a mag in a second made up for that. You put a laser on that thing, and you’d never have to aim in to shoot accurately. That thing was a monster that shredded anyone who was anywhere near you. Coincidentally also on my “must buy in real life” list.

Finally, the Chicom CQB. Another SMG, but this one was 3-round burst. Those three rounds shot out in a millisecond, and the sights would quickly align again to fire off another burst shortly after, making this thing very fast and deadly at close range, though not as good as the Scorpion at medium ranges.

Black Ops III

Onto Black Ops III. Yes, I’m skipping Ghosts and AW because I barely played those two games. In Blops III, my go-to was the ICR-1. Gee, I wonder why? Kinda sounds familiar, too… Being the Blops III equivalent of the ACR, it shares many of the same strengths and weaknesses as the ACR. I obviously used the ICR a lot, just like I had with the ACR.

The second is the Razorback. Being a relatively weak SMG, it had great accuracy and a decent fire rate, allowing you to get much more accurate shots and from further away. It felt like an AR more than an SMG, which is probably why I liked it so much. Couldn’t beat anyone with a different SMG in a face-to-face, though.

And in third place, the Dredge LMG. 6-round burst LMG. Weird, huh? I loved that thing, though, because that burst put down almost everyone in one go, making it great for dealing with people who were annoying you. You could even out-snipe snipers with it. Another pattern I’m sure you’re noticing is I loved burst weapons too.


Skipping Infinite Warfare (good campaign, though), we move on to CoD WWII. Here, the FG42 reigns supreme. A great all-around weapon that was able to beat those damn BAR users with the right attachments, that thing saw a lot of combat in my games. I’m also almost positive that it was my most used weapon in that game by a lot as well.

Then came the Thompson. Again, the right attachments made that thing a monster in close quarters. An impressive fire rate, good accuracy and damage, and with a classic drum mag, forget about it. That thing made me stop using the PPSH I loved it so much.

Finally, the BAR. Just like the MP7, I felt bad using it. At least it wasn’t as brokenly OP as the MP7 was. Very accurate and deadly at any range, the BAR was a favorite amongst the try-hards for a good reason. Sometimes it felt like 75% of the lobby was using one.

Modern Warfare 2019

I skipped Black Ops IIII and went to Modern Warfare 2019 next. Here, I actually didn’t consider the ACR (Kilo) as my favorite weapon. Instead, my favorite was the M13. The only weakness this gun had was the damage. It was fast, had pinpoint precision, and a solid range. It felt more like the ACRs I knew and loved than the actual ACR. First weapon I 100% in the game, and I use it for just about everything.

In second place, the Fennec SMG. While so many people use the MP5 or the ISO, my Fennec will almost always beat them in a head-to-head fight with its insane accuracy and fire rate. The damage isn’t great, but with how fast it shoots, it doesn’t matter. I only use the Fennec in desperate situations, and it has yet to fail me.

Thirdly, the AS Val. I have I on semi-auto, and it will almost always kill in one or two hits, making it a great panic weapon. It used to shoot through multiple walls with full damage due to a glitch, but they thankfully fixed that. Still, the Val has great range, accuracy, and damage for a weapon with a built-in suppressor.

Cold War

And finally, we have Cold War. The guns in first and second place are very similar in stats, so I’ll list them together. First is the Fara 83, and second is the Krig. Both have ACR-like qualities, with great accuracy, good damage, and solid fire rates. Short-range engagements can be rough, but medium and even long-range are where these two guns rule, even against BRs.

Speaking of BRs, third place goes to the AUG with its great range, accuracy, and damage. While the M16 is more accurate and has faster shots, the AUG has damage and range advantages. Plus, it has that German styling that makes it stand out more in my eyes. Also, it comes with a scope that works pretty well.


So there you have it. The list of my three favorite guns in every single CoD I’ve played a lot of. It was not easy for a few games, and I’m sure people will call me crazy for some of my picks, but this is all opinion-based. I can only imagine what other weapons are to come in the future.

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