Video Game Lingo

I’m back yet again, and this time, I present a list of video game terms and lingo, focusing on FPS games such as CoD and Battlefield. These terms are all-too-familiar to most of us, but to those who have absolutely no idea what some or any of these mean, this will hopefully enlighten you aContinue reading “Video Game Lingo”

Battlefield 2042

Recently, EA released the trailer for BF 2042, and the gaming community exploded in response. We’ve all been waiting to see what was next after the (in my opinion) utter flop that was Battlefield V. This will be a post explaining what I’ve heard so far and my early opinions on whether or not IContinue reading “Battlefield 2042”

Review: No Man’s Sky

The Beginning No Man’s Sky was originally one of the most anticipated games set to release in 2016. Offering players the chance to fulfill their dreams of exploring the universe and actually being able to go to various planets and systems to explore and set up bases, the levels of hype for the game wereContinue reading “Review: No Man’s Sky”


Hello everyone, my name is Robert Wolff. Or at least that’s my pen name. In any case, welcome to my blog! Please excuse my awful blog style, as that’s not exactly my strong suit. Ranting Gamer will be a blog about all things video games. I’ll be making reviews, rants, and just general opinion piecesContinue reading “Introductions”

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